15 Creative Things to 3D Print for Home, Hobby, and Organization

Discover a variety of creative and practical things you can bring to life with 3D printing, from home decor to tools and personalized gifts.

Customized Keycaps

customized keycaps

Customized keycaps allow you to personalize the appearance of your mechanical keyboard, tailoring it to your aesthetic preferences or ergonomic needs. With 3D printing, intricate designs, symbols, or even raised lettering can be added to enhance the tactile experience of typing. Such keycaps can also serve as functional labels for shortcut keys, aiding in workflow efficiency for software like video editing or graphic design.

Plant Pot With Drainage

plant pot with drainage

A 3D-printed plant pot can include a tailored drainage system to suit specific plant watering needs. Its custom design allows for both functional and aesthetic enhancement, harmonizing with the surrounding decor. Advanced designs can even integrate self-watering features, making plant maintenance more convenient.

Personalized Cookie Cutters

personalized cookie cutters

Create unique treats for any occasion by 3D printing cookie cutters in custom shapes and sizes. Tailor designs to match individual interests, from favorite animals to monogrammed initials, adding a personal touch to your baking. These cutters are not only fun to use but also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family who love to bake.

Earbud Holder

earbud holder

An earbud holder printed in 3D keeps earphones untangled and organized. Its compact design makes it ideal for both travel and desk use. Customizable to fit different earbud styles, it ensures accessibility and protection for your audio devices.

Articulated Desk Lamp

articulated desk lamp

An articulated desk lamp offers adjustable lighting with multiple joints, giving you control over light direction and intensity. Its 3D-printed segments allow for easy customization of length and design to fit your workspace aesthetics. The lamp’s versatility makes it a practical addition for improving task-specific illumination or adding a touch of personal style to your desk area.

Smartphone Stand

smartphone stand

A 3D-printed smartphone stand offers a hands-free solution for video calls, media viewing, and mobile gaming. The design can be tailored to fit specific phone models and preferences in angles or height. With the option to print in various colors and materials, these stands can also serve as a unique addition to your workspace or home decor.

Wall-mounted Cable Organizer

wall mounted cable organizer

A wall-mounted cable organizer helps maintain a tidy workspace by securing cords and cables neatly against the wall. It can be designed with custom slots and clips to accommodate various cable sizes and lengths. Its modular nature allows for expansion, adapting to changing needs and equipment setups.

Modular Hexagonal Shelves

modular hexagonal shelves

Modular hexagonal shelves offer a creative and flexible solution for wall storage and display needs. These geometric shelves can be printed to interlock, allowing for a customizable arrangement that can expand with your collection or change with your decor. The hexagonal design is not only visually appealing but also enables users to maximize wall space efficiently.

Puzzle Cube

puzzle cube

A 3D-printed puzzle cube is a twistable toy that challenges the mind by mixing and then solving to return it to its original state. Each unique design can incorporate various levels of complexity and aesthetics, from simple shapes to intricate patterns. This customizable brain teaser makes for a great personal project or a thoughtful gift for puzzle enthusiasts.

Hinge Wallet

hinge wallet

A hinge wallet printed in 3D offers a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional wallets. It features a unique folding mechanism that keeps cards and cash securely in place. The design can be customized to include multiple compartments and the user’s preferred texture or pattern.

Stackable Desk Trays

stackable desk trays

Stackable desk trays can help organize documents and office supplies, keeping your workspace tidy. Their modular design allows for easy vertical expansion, taking up minimal desk area while maximizing storage. The trays can be customized in size and color to fit your personal office aesthetic and needs.

Guitar Pick With Embossed Design

guitar pick with embossed design

A custom 3D-printed guitar pick can feature an embossed design for enhanced grip and personalized aesthetic appeal. The raised surface not only adds to the visual flair but also promotes better control while playing. It’s a practical accessory that can be tailored to a musician’s specific style and preferences.

Miniature Chess Set

miniature chess set

A 3D-printed miniature chess set is perfect for chess enthusiasts who travel frequently or have limited space. With intricate detail possible through 3D printing, even the smallest pieces can have a high level of craftsmanship. This set can also be customized with different colors or themes to reflect personal tastes or to give as a unique gift.

Camera Tripod Mount

camera tripod mount

A 3D-printed camera tripod mount allows for customizable fittings tailored to specific camera models. Its lightweight yet sturdy structure permits easy attachment and detachment, enhancing photographic flexibility on-the-go. This personalized accessory evolves with your equipment, providing a cost-effective solution for mounting needs.

Interlocking Coasters

interlocking coasters

Interlocking coasters offer a customizable solution to protect surfaces from drink spills and stains. Their unique design enables them to be connected, creating a larger mat for pots or several glasses. Not only functional, these 3D-printed coasters can be a creative conversation piece for any coffee table or dining area.