15 Coaster Design Ideas for Creative Home Decor

Discover fresh coaster design ideas that will bring personality and function to your tabletops.

Vintage Map Coasters

vintage map coasters

Transform a set of coasters into conversation starters by embedding snippets of vintage maps, celebrating the charm of old-world cartography with every sip.

Pressed Flower Resin Coasters

pressed flower resin coasters

Encase the delicate beauty of nature in clear resin for a functional piece that doubles as an artful conversation starter.

Crochet Pattern Coasters

crochet pattern coasters

Add a touch of homemade charm to your table setting with coasters crafted from colorful crochet patterns, perfect for a cozy aesthetic.

Minimalist Ceramic Tile Coasters

minimalist ceramic tile coasters

Sleek and refined, these coasters offer a touch of sophistication to any coffee table with their clean lines and monochromatic color palette.

Personalized Photo Transfer Coasters

personalized photo transfer coasters

Capture memories and protect surfaces by embedding favorite photographs onto coasters, transforming them into conversation pieces for every use.

Geometric Wooden Coasters

geometric wooden coasters

Crafted from sleek wood, these coasters feature a fusion of shapes, offering both a protective surface and a touch of modern elegance to any coffee table.

Laser-cut Acrylic Modern Art Coasters

laser cut acrylic modern art coasters

These coasters feature sleek, abstract designs sliced from colorful acrylic, adding a splash of contemporary art to any coffee table.

Chalkboard Coasters With Writable Surface

chalkboard coasters with writable surface

Chalkboard coasters double as a drink holder and a fun way to label your beverage, ensuring no mix-ups at your next gathering.

Agate Slice Coasters With Gilded Edges

agate slice coasters with gilded edges

Agate slice coasters add a touch of earthy elegance to any coffee table, their shimmering edges dipped in gold catching the light with refined sparkle.

Pallet Wood Coasters With Bark Edges

pallet wood coasters with bark edges

Infuse rustic charm into your decor with coasters crafted from slices of pallet wood, their natural bark edges adding a touch of the outdoors.

3D Printed Puzzle Piece Coasters

3d printed puzzle piece coasters

Create an interlocking set of coasters that fit together like a puzzle, offering both function and a playful touch to your coffee table décor.

Record Vinyl Coasters for Music Lovers

record vinyl coasters for music lovers

Record vinyl coasters add a retro touch, perfect for audiophiles looking to sip in style while spinning their favorite tunes.

Galaxy Painted Glass Coasters

galaxy painted glass coasters

Capture the cosmos under your cup with these celestial-inspired coasters, featuring swirls of interstellar blues and purples sealed within durable glass.

Interlocking Hexagon Cork Coasters

interlocking hexagon cork coasters

Create a honeycomb-inspired aesthetic by assembling hexagonal coasters that neatly fit together, offering both function and a striking table art piece.

Hand-painted Moroccan Tile Coasters

hand painted moroccan tile coasters

Capture the essence of North African charm right on your coffee table with vibrantly hand-painted coasters inspired by traditional Moroccan designs.