15 Small Home Office Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Maximize your compact workspace efficiency and style with these creative small home office design ideas.

Convert a Closet Into a Workspace With a Fold-down Desk

convert a closet into a workspace with a fold down desk

Maximize unused closet space by installing a fold-down desk that easily tucks away to keep your living area clutter-free.

Utilize Under-stair Space for a Compact Office Nook

utilize under stair space for a compact office nook

Tucking a desk into the under-stair alcove transforms idle space into a cozy and private workstation.

Install a Corner Desk With Vertical Shelving Units

install a corner desk with vertical shelving units

A corner desk paired with vertical shelves utilizes vertical space for storage, keeping essential items within reach without cluttering the workspace.

Create a Window Desk With a View to Maximize Natural Light

create a window desk with a view to maximize natural light

By positioning your desk facing a window, you bask in daylight that can boost your mood and productivity.

Use a Wall-mounted Desk and Floating Shelves to Save Floor Space

use a wall mounted desk and floating shelves to save floor space

A wall-mounted desk paired with floating shelves provides an efficient work zone without encroaching on your valuable floor real estate.

Opt for a Minimalist Scandinavian-style Workspace

opt for a minimalist scandinavian style workspace

A Scandinavian-style workspace brings serene simplicity with its clean lines and neutral colors, fostering focus and calm in your small home office.

Incorporate a Murphy Bed That Converts Into a Desk During the Day

incorporate a murphy bed that converts into a desk during the day

Transform your sleeping area into a productive hub by day with a dual-purpose bed that folds up to reveal a functional desk space.

Set Up a Mobile Office Cart That Can Be Tucked Away When Not in Use

set up a mobile office cart that can be tucked away when not in use

A mobile office cart offers a flexible and compact solution, simply wheeled out during your work hours and conveniently stored out of sight after.

Use Pegboards for Customizable and Space-saving Organization

use pegboards for customizable and space saving organization

Pegboards offer a versatile way to hang supplies and keep your small office clutter-free.

Place a Slim Console Table Behind Your Sofa As a Work Surface

place a slim console table behind your sofa as a work surface

Maximizing limited space, a slender console table positioned behind the sofa serves as a convenient zone for tackling tasks without occupying additional room.

Hang a Curtain or Use a Room Divider to Section Off a Work Area

hang a curtain or use a room divider to section off a work area

A curtain or room divider offers a simple solution to carve out a secluded space for concentration and privacy within a larger room.

Choose a Small, Round Table for a Cozy, Multipurpose Workspace

choose a small round table for a cozy multipurpose workspace

A petite circular table nestles perfectly into snug spaces, serving as a charming spot for both work and leisure activities.

Arrange a Ladder Desk With Vertical Storage Options

arrange a ladder desk with vertical storage options

A ladder desk’s sleek profile and ascending shelves make use of vertical space for storage without overwhelming a small room.

Implement a Dual Workstation With a Shared Table for Two Users

implement a dual workstation with a shared table for two users

A shared table setup allows for collaboration and efficient use of space for multiple home office users.

Repurpose an Attic or Eave Space With Built-in Desks and Storage

repurpose an attic or eave space with built in desks and storage

Taking advantage of the unique angles in attic or eave spaces allows for custom desk and storage solutions that fit snugly into otherwise unused areas of the home.