15 Restaurant Bars Design Ideas for an Inviting Ambiance

Discover practical and creative design strategies for restaurant bars that will elevate the dining experience and attract patrons.

Industrial Chic: Exposed Ductwork, Edison Bulbs, and Metal Bar Stools

industrial chic exposed ductwork edison bulbs and metal bar stools

Harnessing the raw elegance of a bygone era, this design infuses a space with historical allure while maintaining a modern edge.

Speakeasy Style: Hidden Entrances, Dark Wood, and Vintage Artwork

speakeasy style hidden entrances dark wood and vintage artwork

Embrace the allure of the Prohibition era with a bar space that secrets away its patrons behind unassuming façades, invites them into an intimate atmosphere filled with rich, warm woods, and surrounds them with the charm of antiquated decor and artwork.

Modern Minimalist: Clean Lines, Monochromatic Palette, and Understated Lighting

modern minimalist clean lines monochromatic palette and understated lighting

A modern minimalist bar design creates a serene space where simplicity reigns and every element serves a purpose, inviting patrons into an environment free from visual clutter.

Rustic Farmhouse: Reclaimed Wood, Mason Jar Lights, and a Chalkboard Menu

rustic farmhouse reclaimed wood mason jar lights and a chalkboard menu

Embrace the warmth of countryside charm with interiors that blend natural elements and a cozy, familiar vibe for a welcoming dining experience.

Retro Diner: Neon Signs, Vinyl Booths, and a Classic Jukebox

retro diner neon signs vinyl booths and a classic jukebox

Step back in time as vibrant neon illuminates the timeless allure of smooth vinyl booths, with the iconic hum of a jukebox setting the rhythm for a nostalgic dining adventure.

Tropical Oasis: Bamboo Accents, Tiki Torches, and a Thatch-roof Bar

tropical oasis bamboo accents tiki torches and a thatch roof bar

Embrace the island life by incorporating natural elements that transport patrons to a beachside retreat within the comfort of your dining establishment.

Nautical Nook: Rope Details, Ship Lanterns, and a Weathered Wood Bar

nautical nook rope details ship lanterns and a weathered wood bar

The Nautical Nook transforms your space into a sailor’s sanctuary, complete with maritime elements that transport patrons to the seaside without leaving their seats.

Greenhouse Garden: Lush Plants, Skylights, and Earthy Materials

greenhouse garden lush plants skylights and earthy materials

Transform your dining experience into a botanical haven where natural light and verdant flora create an oasis of tranquility.

Urban Rooftop: String Lights, Fire Pits, and Panoramic City Views

urban rooftop string lights fire pits and panoramic city views

Elevate the dining experience with an urban rooftop bar where twinkling lights and cozy fire pits create an inviting ambiance against the backdrop of a sprawling cityscape.

Library Lounge: Bookshelves, Leather Armchairs, and Dim Table Lamps

library lounge bookshelves leather armchairs and dim table lamps

Envision sipping a classic cocktail in the cozy embrace of a library, surrounded by the quiet charm of books and the comfort of aged leather, all softly illuminated by the gentle glow of table lamps.

Vintage Train Car: Booth Seating, Luggage Rack Storage, and Brass Fixtures

vintage train car booth seating luggage rack storage and brass fixtures

Step into the romance of rail travel with this concept, where guests dine in cozy booth seats, personal items tuck neatly into overhead luggage racks, and gleaming brass details evoke the golden age of train excursions.

Sports Fan Haven: Team Memorabilia, Multiple TV Screens, and Stadium-like Snacks

sports fan haven team memorabilia multiple tv screens and stadium like snacks

Embrace the thrill of the game with a space decked out in favorite team colors, where fans can gather, cheer, and indulge in classic game-day fare.

Art Gallery Chic: Rotating Art Displays, Sleek Furniture, and Spotlight Lighting

art gallery chic rotating art displays sleek furniture and spotlight lighting

Rotating art displays infuse the space with dynamic visuals, while sleek furniture provides a modern touch, and spotlight lighting highlights each piece, creating an elegant and inspiring ambiance for patrons.

Whimsical Wonderland: Mismatched Chairs, Bold Patterns, and Playful Décor

whimsical wonderland mismatched chairs bold patterns and playful decor

A Whimsical Wonderland offers a spirited escape with its eclectic mix of vibrant elements and quirky touches that spark curiosity and conversation.

Zen Retreat: Water Features, Oriental Screens, and a Tranquil Color Scheme

zen retreat water features oriental screens and a tranquil color scheme

Transform your restaurant bar into a serene escape, where patrons sip cocktails amidst the soothing sounds of trickling water and a palette that evokes calm.