15 Small Salon Design Ideas Pictures: Inspiring Layouts and Decorations

Discover practical and creative small salon design ideas that maximize space and style.

Minimalist Monochrome With Sleek, Hidden Storage Systems

minimalist monochrome with sleek hidden storage systems

Create a modern, clutter-free salon space with clean lines and clever storage solutions for a sleek and sophisticated look that will impress your clients.

Bohemian Chic With Vibrant Tapestries and Unique, Handcrafted Mirrors

bohemian chic with vibrant tapestries and unique handcrafted mirrors

This design idea infuses colorful tapestries and artisan mirrors for a vibrant bohemian vibe.

Industrial Glam With Exposed Piping and Metallic Accents

industrial glam with exposed piping and metallic accents

Picture a small salon transformed into an industrial chic paradise with exposed piping and shimmering metallic details. The space exudes a modern and edgy vibe, perfect for a bold and trendy salon aesthetic.

Scandinavian Simplicity With Natural Wood and Soft, Muted Colors

scandinavian simplicity with natural wood and soft muted colors

Embrace a calming atmosphere in your small salon with natural wood accents and a color palette of soft, muted tones.

Vintage Allure With Antique Styling Chairs and Classic Barber Poles

vintage allure with antique styling chairs and classic barber poles

Antique styling chairs and classic barber poles evoke a nostalgic feel in a salon setting, providing a vintage allure that appeals to clients seeking a timeless aesthetic.

Coastal Retreat With Light Blues, Sandy Whites, and Seashell Décor

coastal retreat with light blues sandy whites and seashell decor

Immerse in calm coastal vibes with light blues, sandy whites, and seashell décor for a relaxing salon ambiance.

Zen Oasis With Bamboo Accents and Tranquil Water Features

zen oasis with bamboo accents and tranquil water features

Introduce tranquility and relaxation with a Zen oasis theme incorporating bamboo accents and tranquil water features.

Art Deco Elegance With Geometric Patterns and Glossy Finishes

art deco elegance with geometric patterns and glossy finishes

Imagine a salon space that exudes sophistication through sleek lines and polished surfaces that catch the light beautifully. Creating an atmosphere that transports clients to the glamorous era of art deco with bold geometric patterns and a touch of luxury. Ideal for those who crave a high-end, statement design that elevates the salon experience.

Rustic Farmhouse With Distressed Wood and Mason Jar Lighting

rustic farmhouse with distressed wood and mason jar lighting

Embrace the charm of a rustic farmhouse design with weathered wood elements and cozy mason jar lighting for a warm and inviting salon ambiance.

Tropical Paradise With Lush Green Plants and Bright, Floral Patterns

tropical paradise with lush green plants and bright floral patterns

Transport your clients to a lush oasis with vibrant greenery and tropical floral accents, creating a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere in your small salon space.

Modern Loft With Open Shelving and a Central Statement Chair

modern loft with open shelving and a central statement chair

For the modern loft salon design, envision airy space with prominent seating. Add open shelving for a minimalist, contemporary look. It’s about creating a focal point with a stylish chair.

French Boutique With Pastel Colors and Ornate Decorative Elements

french boutique with pastel colors and ornate decorative elements

Immmerse your salon in a chic European charm with pastel hues and intricate details. Let ornate décor elements transport your clients to a luxurious French boutique experience.

Retro Vibes With Bright Colors, Neon Signs, and Funky Wallpaper

retro vibes with bright colors neon signs and funky wallpaper

Bright colors, neon signs, and funky wallpaper bring a playful retro vibe to your small salon space, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere for both clients and stylists alike.

Compact Cube With Modular Furniture and Versatile, Sliding Panels

compact cube with modular furniture and versatile sliding panels

This design idea focuses on maximizing space in a small salon using furniture that can be rearranged easily without taking up too much room. It includes sliding panels that can transform the salon’s layout in a snap.

Tech-forward With Digital Booking Stations and LED Lighting Accents

tech forward with digital booking stations and led lighting accents

Incorporate digital booking stations and LED lighting for a cutting-edge salon experience.

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