15 Trex Deck Ideas for an Inspired Outdoor Space

Discover innovative decking ideas to transform your outdoor space with Trex materials.

Multi-level Terraces for Added Dimension

multi level terraces for added dimension

Incorporating graduated platforms into your deck breaks up the monotony, creating cozy nooks and impressive visual appeal.

Built-in LED Lighting for Nighttime Ambiance

built in led lighting for nighttime ambiance

Incorporate LED lights flush with the deck surface to bathe your outdoor space in a soft, inviting glow after dusk.

Herringbone Pattern Decking for Visual Interest

herringbone pattern decking for visual interest

The herringbone design interlaces boards to create a zigzag pattern that draws the eye and adds sophistication to your outdoor space.

Curved Deck Design for a Modern Touch

curved deck design for a modern touch

Adding a curved edge to your Trex deck breaks from the traditional straight lines and offers a flowing, organic aesthetic.

Contrasting Color Borders for a Defined Look

contrasting color borders for a defined look

Contrasting color borders can visually anchor your deck, separating distinct areas with a crisp, purposeful edge.

Pergola-covered Dining Area for Outdoor Meals

pergola covered dining area for outdoor meals

A pergola overhead transforms your deck into a delightful alfresco dining spot, perfect for enjoying meals in the fresh air with a touch of shade.

Sunken Fire Pit Lounge for Cozy Gatherings

sunken fire pit lounge for cozy gatherings

A recessed area within your Trex deck transforms into a snug enclave, perfect for enjoying the warmth of a fire and the company of friends under the stars.

Integrated Bench Seating for Space Efficiency

integrated bench seating for space efficiency

Integrated bench seating melds form with function, providing a sleek solution for maximizing deck space and offering guests a comfortable spot to relax.

Deck Board Planter Boxes for Greenery

deck board planter boxes for greenery

Incorporate nature into your Trex deck by adding planter boxes that seamlessly blend with the boards, providing a pop of color and life.

Glass Panel Railing for Unobstructed Views

glass panel railing for unobstructed views

Glass railings blend seamlessly with your deck, preserving your panoramic vistas while offering a wind barrier without visual obstructions.

Hidden Deck Fasteners for a Smooth Finish

hidden deck fasteners for a smooth finish

Hidden deck fasteners create a sleek, nail-free surface, elevating the overall aesthetics of your Trex deck.

Outdoor Kitchen With Built-in Grill for Entertaining

outdoor kitchen with built in grill for entertaining

Maximize gatherings with a sleek, integrated grill that turns your deck into a hub for outdoor feasts.

Cantilevered Deck Sections Over Water Features

cantilevered deck sections over water features

Cantilevered decks extend gracefully over ponds or pools, merging the serenity of water with the comfort of your outdoor living space.

Matching Trex Fencing for Privacy and Cohesion

matching trex fencing for privacy and cohesion

Incorporate Trex fencing to shield your deck from prying eyes and harmoniously link your outdoor spaces.

In-deck Storage Compartments for Tidy Organization

in deck storage compartments for tidy organization

In-deck storage compartments cleverly conceal garden tools and outdoor essentials, maintaining a clutter-free sanctuary.