15 Simple Wall Designs With Tape for Creative Home Decor Ideas

Transform your walls with easy and creative designs using tape; here’s how to achieve stylish patterns without the need for professional tools.

Striped Pattern Using Painters Tape for Evenly Spaced Lines

striped pattern using painters tape for evenly spaced lines

Striped wall designs infuse rooms with a sense of order and elegance. They can be adapted to fit any decor style, whether you’re aiming for a minimalist, nautical, or playful aesthetic. By varying the width of the tape, you create different visual impacts – slim lines for subtle texture or broad bands for a more striking feature.

Herringbone Design With Diagonal Strips of Tape Intertwining

herringbone design with diagonal strips of tape intertwining

The herringbone design adds a touch of classic elegance with its interlocking V-shaped patterns. This arrangement creates a sense of dynamic movement, drawing the eye across the wall in a pleasing manner. It works exceptionally well in spaces where a sophisticated yet understated aesthetic is desired.

Chevron Stripes Using Tape to Create a Zigzag Pattern

chevron stripes using tape to create a zigzag pattern

Chevron stripes add dynamic visual interest to any wall with their sharp zigzag lines. This pattern creates a sense of movement and can be used to make a room appear larger. When painted in contrasting colors, the result is a bold and modern look that stands out.

Checkerboard Design With Tape Sections for a Grid

checkerboard design with tape sections for a grid

A checkerboard wall infuses classic charm and playful geometry into a room. By alternating painted squares with the original wall color, this design creates an engaging rhythm of pattern and space. The tape ensures crisp lines and a professional finish, offering visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Geometric Triangle Mosaic Using Varying Sizes of Tape Pieces

geometric triangle mosaic using varying sizes of tape pieces

Create a visually striking feature wall with a mosaic of triangles in various sizes for a modern touch. Play with the tape placement to form a dynamic composition that adds depth and interest to any room. Choose contrasting paint colors to enhance the effect, resulting in a bold statement piece that enlivens your space.

Random Abstract Shapes By Placing Tape in Various Angles and Sizes

random abstract shapes by placing tape in various angles and sizes

Transform a plain wall into a captivating display of artistry with tape arranged in a spontaneous and eclectic mix. The beauty of this design lies in its lack of rules, allowing for a playful and one-of-a-kind expression. This creative endeavor produces a visually stimulating backdrop that adds a dynamic edge to any room.

Tape-created Diamond Shapes for a Sophisticated Look

tape created diamond shapes for a sophisticated look

Create an elegant ambiance by arranging strips of tape into diamond patterns across your wall. This design element adds a touch of luxury and can be strategically placed to enhance room features or furniture. Play with the diamond sizes and spacing for a custom, dynamic aesthetic.

Mountain Silhouette At the Bottom of the Wall With Horizontal Tape Lines

mountain silhouette at the bottom of the wall with horizontal tape lines

The mountain silhouette design adds a natural, calming element to any room by portraying the tranquil outline of a mountain range. Using horizontal tape lines, it creates a layered effect that brings depth and interest at the base of the wall. This tape art serves as both a focal point and a conversation starter, providing a unique touch to your living space.

Honeycomb Hexagon Pattern Using Tape to Outline the Shapes

honeycomb hexagon pattern using tape to outline the shapes

Create a honeycomb ambiance on your wall with hexagon outlines formed by strategically arranging tape. The interconnected hexagons can cover a focal wall or simply serve as a subtle accent in your space. This design adds a touch of nature-inspired geometry, bringing both structure and a modern aesthetic to the room.

Maze or Labyrinth Design, Interconnecting Lines Created With Tape

maze or labyrinth design interconnecting lines created with tape

Transform your wall into a visually engaging masterpiece with an intricately taped maze design. This pattern adds an element of playful complexity, inviting viewers to visually navigate the twists and turns. Its interactive nature serves not just as decor, but also as a conversation starter.

Tape Frame Borders Around Artwork or Gallery Wall

tape frame borders around artwork or gallery wall

Tape frame borders add a layer of visual interest and can highlight individual pieces within a gallery wall. They create an illusion of depth while maintaining the room’s minimalist aesthetic. This method is a cost-effective alternative to traditional framing, pairing simplicity with modern design.

City Skyline Silhouette Along the Upper or Lower Wall Edge With Tape

city skyline silhouette along the upper or lower wall edge with tape

Create a metropolitan vibe by reflecting the city’s silhouette against your wall. Tape is used to outline iconic skyscrapers and urban shapes, which, when painted, produces a stunning visual boundary. This design can serve as a standalone accent or a backdrop for thematic decor.

Polka Dots Created By Using Tape to Mark Off Circles and Paint Around Them

polka dots created by using tape to mark off circles and paint around them

Polka dots add a playful touch to any room, offering a whimsical vibe that’s both retro and modern. With tape as your guide, each dot maintains crisp, clean edges after painting, ensuring a professional-looking finish. This design works well in children’s rooms, or as a lively accent wall in a home office or bathroom.

Moroccan Trellis Design, Created With Interlocking Tape Patterns

moroccan trellis design created with interlocking tape patterns

The Moroccan trellis adds an exotic flair to any room, evoking the intricate designs seen in far-off bazaars. This pattern marries the timeless beauty of the Middle East with modern minimalism, offering a striking balance between ornate and orderly. Use this interlocking pattern to craft a feature wall that doubles as a conversation piece, effortlessly drawing the eye and elevating the space’s aesthetic.

Ombre Stripes By Using Tape to Create Faded Paint Edges

ombre stripes by using tape to create faded paint edges

Ombre stripes provide a gradient effect that can give a wall a serene and calming presence. The tape helps ensure crisp lines where one color fades into the next. This design introduces a soft, modern touch to a room’s aesthetic.