15 RV Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Space on the Road

Discover creative RV decorating ideas to maximize space and add personal style to your home on the road.

Ambient LED Lighting Under Cabinets or Along the Ceiling

ambient led lighting under cabinets or along the ceiling

Ambient LED lighting offers a soft glow, enhancing the cozy atmosphere of an RV without taking up physical space. Strategically placed LEDs can illuminate dark corners and create the illusion of a larger interior. The use of dimmable and color-changing options allows for customizable mood settings tailored to different times of day or activities.

Collapsible Furniture for Multipurpose Use

collapsible furniture for multipurpose use

Collapsible furniture maximizes space in an RV, transforming areas for different uses throughout the day. Tables and chairs can be folded away to clear a living area, or a workspace can be expanded when needed. These versatile pieces offer comfort without the clutter, maintaining a streamlined interior.

Magnetic Spice Racks for the Kitchen Area

magnetic spice racks for the kitchen area

Maximize your kitchen workspace by using magnetic spice racks to secure herbs and spices to the walls or refrigerator. This clever storage solution keeps flavors within reach without cluttering countertops. The racks also act as a decorative element, adding a touch of personality with your favorite seasonings on display.

Removable Wallpaper or Vinyl Decals for Personalization

removable wallpaper or vinyl decals for personalization

Removable wallpaper allows you to infuse your RV with your unique style without committing to a permanent design change. Choose from a vast array of patterns and colors to create an accent wall or a full-room makeover. Vinyl decals offer an even easier option to add personal touches, with simple peel-and-stick application and a variety of designs from inspirational quotes to intricate landscapes.

Retractable Awnings for Outdoor Living Space

retractable awnings for outdoor living space

Retractable awnings extend the livable area of an RV, providing a shaded oasis for outdoor relaxation and dining. They are easily adjustable to accommodate changing weather conditions, ensuring comfort in both sun and light rain. With various materials and designs available, awnings can also add a touch of personal style to the RV’s exterior.

Multi-functional Storage Ottomans

multi functional storage ottomans

Storage ottomans serve as a clever solution to limited space, offering a place to stow away items such as bedding and clothing. Their tops can be flipped to provide a tray for drinks or as a stable dining surface. When not in use for storage or dining, they double as comfortable extra seating for guests.

Hanging Hammock Chairs or Nets for Relaxed Seating

hanging hammock chairs or nets for relaxed seating

Hanging hammock chairs offer a cozy nook for reading or napping, swaying gently as the RV moves. They utilize vertical space without sacrificing floor area, making them perfect for compact living. With a variety of designs available, these chairs can add a touch of bohemian style to the RV’s interior.

Rooftop Deck With Portable Lounge Chairs

rooftop deck with portable lounge chairs

Maximize your RV’s outdoor space by installing a rooftop deck, perfect for enjoying panoramic views and fresh air. Equip the deck with lightweight, portable lounge chairs that can be easily set up for sunbathing or stargazing. This setup transforms the roof into an additional living area, offering a private retreat to unwind and entertain.

Fold-down Desk or Table Attached to the Wall

fold down desk or table attached to the wall

A fold-down desk or table offers a versatile workspace or dining area in the limited square footage of an RV. When not in use, it can be tucked away against the wall to free up valuable floor space. This smart design allows for an easy transition between travel mode and comfortable living quarters.

Themed RV Interior Such As Beach, Forest, or Vintage

themed rv interior such as beach forest or vintage

Choosing a beach theme can transform your RV into a seaside escape, complete with hues of blue and sandy tones, and seashell or surfboard decorations. A forest theme might involve earthy greens and browns, with wood accents and nature-inspired patterns to bring the serenity of the woods inside. A vintage motif creates a nostalgic retreat, featuring retro appliances, classic patterns, and antiques that recall a bygone era on the road.

Convertible Bedding Solutions Like Murphy Beds

convertible bedding solutions like murphy beds

Murphy beds offer a space-saving solution by folding up against the wall when not in use, instantly freeing up room for other activities. During the day, the area can serve as a living or work space, seamlessly transitioning to a bedroom at night. These beds can often be designed with built-in storage, providing an extra stash spot for bedding or clothing.

Built-in Planters for Fresh Herbs or Succulents

built in planters for fresh herbs or succulents

Built-in planters enhance the RV’s air quality and add a touch of greenery to the interior. They utilize vertical space efficiently, allowing for a mini-garden without sacrificing floor area. These planters can grow herbs for cooking or succulents for low-maintenance decor.

Custom Cushion Covers With RV-specific Motifs

custom cushion covers with rv specific motifs

Custom cushion covers can instantly uplift the interior of an RV, adding a touch of personality and style. With designs ranging from road maps to classic camp motifs, they serve as both a decorative and practical element. They’re easy to swap out and clean, ensuring a fresh look without a complete overhaul of your seating.

Stick-on Tiles for a Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash

stick on tiles for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash

Stick-on tiles offer a quick and affordable way to update your RV’s kitchen or bathroom. These tiles come in a variety of patterns and finishes, making it easy to achieve a high-end look without the need for complex tools or permanent alterations. They are also water-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance on the road.

Slide-out Surfaces for Extra Counter Space

slide out surfaces for extra counter space

Maximize your kitchen workspace with slide-out surfaces that tuck away when not in use. These extendable counters are perfect for meal prep in the confined quarters of an RV. They offer the flexibility to entertain or cook comfortably, then easily retract to preserve valuable space.