15 Pool Designs to Inspire Your Backyard Oasis

Discover innovative pool designs that can transform your outdoor space into a serene or vibrant oasis.

Infinity Edge Pool

infinity edge pool

An infinity edge pool features a vanishing edge that creates a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. This design is ideal for properties with panoramic views, as it merges the pool with the surrounding landscape. Often positioned at a vantage point, it amplifies the luxury and serenity of a swimming pool setting.

Natural Rock Pool

natural rock pool

Blending seamlessly with the landscape, a natural rock pool mimics the serene and organic forms found in nature, often utilizing rocks and boulders as part of the design. The irregular shapes and waterfall features create a rustic, oasis-like ambiance in any garden setting. Vegetation and naturalistic design elements are incorporated to enhance the illusion of a secluded swimming hole.

Beach Entry Pool

beach entry pool

Mimicking the gentle slope of a natural shoreline, a beach entry pool, also known as a zero-entry pool, offers a seamless transition from solid ground to water. This design is ideal for families with children or individuals with mobility challenges, as there are no stairs or ladders to navigate. Its gradual descent into the water also allows for lounging in shallow depths, creating a versatile space for relaxation and play.

Lap Pool

lap pool

Lap pools are elongated and narrow, ideal for swimming laps and a great choice for athletic purposes or narrow spaces. Their streamlined design provides a space-efficient option for those looking to exercise within the comfort of their own backyard. Often accompanied by minimalistic features, they blend seamlessly into modern landscape aesthetics.

Geometric Pool

geometric pool

Characterized by their sharp lines and precise angles, geometric pools bring a touch of contemporary elegance to the landscape. These pools often mirror the home’s architecture, complementing its design with similar shapes and symmetry. Popular shapes include rectangles, squares, and other angular forms that allow for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Freeform Pool

freeform pool

Embracing an organic shape, a freeform pool mirrors the irregular contours of a natural body of water or an oasis. Its design accommodates landscaping features like rocks, waterfalls, and tropical foliage, allowing for a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment. Ideal for unconventional spaces, it can be tailored to fit the unique dimensions of a given area, providing a custom, one-of-a-kind aquatic retreat.

Indoor Pool

indoor pool

An indoor pool offers year-round swimming regardless of the weather. The design can incorporate features such as retractable roofs or climate control for enhanced comfort. Aesthetically, it’s a chance to blend pool design with interior architecture, creating a seamless transition between spaces.

Perimeter Overflow Pool

perimeter overflow pool

Perimeter overflow pools, often likened to an infinite mirror on the ground, feature edges where water overflows on all sides, creating a visually stunning effect. This design involves a hidden catch basin surrounding the pool, which recirculates the water back into the pool, offering a tranquil and seamless water surface. The constant overflow not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also aids in keeping the pool water clean and free of debris.

Tropical Lagoon Pool

tropical lagoon pool

Emulating a natural paradise, the tropical lagoon pool features curvilinear shapes and rock features paired with lush landscaping. It often includes waterfalls, grottos, and a varied depth profile to enhance the illusion of a natural setting. This design merges the aesthetics of a beachfront oasis with the functionality of a residential swimming area, providing an immersive escape.

Architectural Pool

architectural pool

An Architectural pool is defined by its precise lines and often symmetrical form, tailored to complement the design of the surrounding structures. It is typically designed by architects to ensure cohesion with the home’s aesthetic and to create a visual statement. Materials such as concrete, stone, or glass are frequently utilized, emphasizing modernity and luxury.

Rooftop Pool

rooftop pool

Maximizing urban spaces, rooftop pools transform unused roof areas into luxurious aquatic havens, offering sweeping cityscape or seascape views while swimming. They often feature chic design elements, such as glass walls or infinity edges, to enhance the sense of space and modernity. Rooftop pools provide a private retreat, an ideal spot for social gatherings, or a quiet place to relax above the hustle of city life.

Kidney-shaped Pool

kidney shaped pool

This pool style mimics a natural pond with its curved shape, offering a fluid and organic design. It’s perfect for landscapes that demand a softer, less geometric aesthetic. With ample space for swimming and lounging, it provides a versatile setting for both relaxation and entertainment.

Saltwater Pool

saltwater pool

Saltwater pools utilize a salt chlorine generator, offering a softer feel on the skin compared to traditional chlorine pools. The reduction in harsh chemicals minimizes eye and skin irritation and produces a more natural swimming experience. Maintenance for these pools often involves fewer chemicals and can result in a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option over time.

Olympic-sized Pool

olympic sized pool

An Olympic-sized pool measures 50 meters in length, ensuring ample space for competitive training and races. Its standardized dimensions and depth are suitable for hosting official swimming events and can accommodate multiple swim lanes. This type of pool is ideal for athletes and serious swimmers seeking a professional environment for rigorous practice sessions.

Pool With Integrated Spa

pool with integrated spa

A pool with an integrated spa combines relaxation and recreation in one seamless space, offering both a swimming area and a heated, jetted spa zone. The design often features a raised spa that spills over into the main pool, creating a calming waterfall effect. This dual-purpose pool is ideal for entertaining, allowing guests to choose between an invigorating swim and a tranquil soak.