15 Patterns Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

Discover innovative pattern ideas that will inspire your next design project.

Geometric Tessellations

geometric tessellations

Geometric tessellations offer a seamless pattern formed from repeating shapes without any gaps or overlaps. This design is versatile, suiting modern and classical styles alike, and can be scaled to suit any space. They bring visual interest and a sense of order to surfaces, be it textiles, walls, or floors.

Watercolor Galaxy Swirls

watercolor galaxy swirls

Watercolor galaxy swirls offer a vibrant, celestial-inspired pattern, infusing a touch of the cosmos into any design. Their organic, fluid shapes blend seamlessly, creating a sense of depth and movement that is both mesmerizing and unique. This pattern is ideal for textiles, wallpapers, and artwork that aim to evoke wonder and imagination.

Origami Paper Folds

origami paper folds

Origami-inspired patterns reflect the intricate folds and sharp lines of Japanese paper art. These designs can add a sense of structure and precision to any surface, from textiles to wall coverings. They often embody a playful, yet sophisticated aesthetic, utilizing the interplay of light and shadow to create depth.

Art Deco Fan Shapes

art deco fan shapes

Incorporate the glamour of the 1920s into your design with elegant, fanned out shapes synonymous with Art Deco style. These stylized patterns exude sophistication and can add a vintage luxury feel to wallpapers, textiles, or branding materials. The symmetrical and ornamental nature of these designs works exceptionally well in metallic finishes or rich, bold colors.

Abstract Expressionist Splatters

abstract expressionist splatters

Abstract expressionist splatters inject a dynamic and spontaneous feel into designs. This pattern is characterized by seemingly random and bold paint splashes that evoke emotion and energy. They work well to add a modern artistic touch to textiles, wallpapers, and artistic branding elements.

Herringbone Weaves

herringbone weaves

Herringbone patterns offer a classic, textural look that adds depth and movement to a design. They consist of alternating columns of slanted parallel lines, which often mimic the bone structure of a herring fish, hence the name. This pattern is versatile, perfect for flooring, fabric designs, and wallpaper, lending a sophisticated touch to any space.

Celtic Knots

celtic knots

Celtic knots are intricate, looping patterns symbolizing eternity and interconnectedness. Their interwoven lines make them an ideal choice for textiles, wallpapers, and jewelry designs. These patterns infuse a sense of historical depth and cultural richness into modern decor and fashion.

Botanical Leaf Prints

botanical leaf prints

Harnessing the intricate veins and diverse shapes of leaves, botanical leaf prints create a natural and serene aesthetic. They infuse spaces with a touch of the outdoors, offering a calming, organic pattern choice for fabrics, wallpapers, and art. By varying leaf sizes and types, these prints can achieve a dynamic, multi-layered look that celebrates the beauty of flora.

Animal Print Remixes

animal print remixes

Animal print remixes revitalize traditional patterns like leopard spots or zebra stripes by introducing unexpected color palettes and scale alterations. These designs can merge multiple species’ prints or overlay them with textural elements for a dynamic and modern twist. They offer an edgy yet sophisticated option for textiles, wallpaper, or graphic design projects that aim to make a bold statement.

Pixelated Gradients

pixelated gradients

Pixelated gradients blend the retro appeal of pixel art with modern color transitions, creating a bridge between the digital and the aesthetic world. They evoke a sense of nostalgia while providing visual depth, as squares of varying tones gently shift from one hue to another. This pattern is versatile, easily adapted into various design mediums from wall art to fabric prints.

Zentangle Doodles

zentangle doodles

Zentangle doodles integrate structured patterns into creative designs, offering a therapeutic approach to art through repetitive, simple strokes. These intricate forms can transform surfaces into a canvas of complexity, making them ideal for accent walls or fabric prints. The monochrome or colorful motifs create a visually captivating and meditative aesthetic, suitable for modern interior styles and personal accessories.

Moroccan Mosaic Tiles

moroccan mosaic tiles

Incorporating Moroccan mosaic patterns into a design lends an intricate and exotic touch. The interlocking geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and complex symmetry characteristic of these tiles infuse any space with a sense of traditional craftsmanship. Use them to create a focal point or an accent wall, adding depth and cultural flair to interiors or textiles.

Optical Illusion Waves

optical illusion waves

Optical illusion waves consist of patterns that play tricks on the eye, making static designs seem like they move or pulsate. These patterns frequently use contrasting colors and repetitive, wavelike shapes to achieve the desired effect. When applied to fabrics or wall coverings, they can bring a dynamic and engaging energy to any space.

Graffiti Tags and Murals

graffiti tags and murals

Graffiti-inspired patterns lend an urban edge to any design, offering a blend of street art aesthetics with bold, often colorful elements. They capture the spontaneous and rebellious spirit of graffiti tags, translating it into dynamic backdrops or accents. Integrating such patterns can infuse a space with a modern, lively vibe that salutes contemporary creativity.

Quilt Patchwork Designs

quilt patchwork designs

Quilt patchwork patterns blend diverse fabrics into a cohesive, aesthetic design, creating a visually inviting and texturally rich tapestry. The juxtaposition of colors, shapes, and sizes offers a playful canvas that can reflect personal stories or themes. This design concept fosters a sense of warmth and nostalgia, imbuing spaces with a handmade, bespoke charm.