15 Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above to Enhance Your Living Space

Learn how to stylishly integrate an electric fireplace with a TV above it for a cozy and modern living space.

Sleek Modern Minimalism: Frameless Electric Fireplace With a Flush-mounted TV Overhead

sleek modern minimalism frameless electric fireplace with a flush mounted tv overhead

Immerse yourself in modernity with this design that seamlessly blends a frameless electric fireplace with a TV mounted elegantly above, creating a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

Rustic Charm: Stone Surround Electric Fireplace With a Reclaimed Wood Mantel and TV Above

rustic charm stone surround electric fireplace with a reclaimed wood mantel and tv above

This design idea combines the warmth of a stone-surround electric fireplace with the charm of a reclaimed wood mantel, all while having a TV placed elegantly above it.

Contemporary Elegance: Wall-to-wall Electric Fireplace With a Large, Floating TV Shelf Above

contemporary elegance wall to wall electric fireplace with a large floating tv shelf above

Imagine a seamless wall-to-wall electric fireplace with a TV shelf floating above – a perfect blend of modern style and functionality.

Industrial Edge: Raw Metal Fireplace Surround With a Wall-mounted TV Encased in a Matching Metal Frame

industrial edge raw metal fireplace surround with a wall mounted tv encased in a matching metal frame

Imagine a modern, edgy living room where a raw metal fireplace seamlessly blends with a wall-mounted TV encased in a matching metal frame. This design choice adds an industrial touch to your space, creating a cohesive and contemporary look that will surely turn heads.

Artistic Flair: Color-changing LED Electric Fireplace With Artistic Panels Beside and TV Above

artistic flair color changing led electric fireplace with artistic panels beside and tv above

Enhance your living space with an artistic touch by incorporating color-changing LED features for a whimsical ambiance. Complement the electric fireplace with artistic panels and a TV above for a visually striking focal point that adds flair to your room’s decor.

Classic Coziness: Traditional Mantel Electric Fireplace With a Symmetrically Aligned TV Above

classic coziness traditional mantel electric fireplace with a symmetrically aligned tv above

In a setting of classic coziness, envision a traditional mantel electric fireplace harmoniously paired with a TV aligned above with satisfying symmetry.

Space Saver: Corner Electric Fireplace With a Corner-mounted TV, Optimizing Small Spaces

space saver corner electric fireplace with a corner mounted tv optimizing small spaces

The Space Saver idea combines a corner electric fireplace with a corner-mounted TV to make the most of limited space.

Ultra-Modern: Black Marble Electric Fireplace Wall With Integrated Ultra-thin TV Above

ultra modern black marble electric fireplace wall with integrated ultra thin tv above

This design idea combines a sleek black marble electric fireplace wall with an ultra-thin integrated TV above, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Zen Style: Low-profile Electric Fireplace With a Bamboo Surround, TV Mounted Above Inside a Minimalist Frame

zen style low profile electric fireplace with a bamboo surround tv mounted above inside a minimalist frame

Embrace tranquility and simplicity with a low-profile bamboo-surrounded electric fireplace, complemented by a tastefully mounted TV within a minimalist frame above.

Vintage Appeal: Ornate Electric Fireplace With Antique Frame, TV Encased in a Vintage-style Frame Above

vintage appeal ornate electric fireplace with antique frame tv encased in a vintage style frame above

This vintage-inspired design combines an ornate fireplace with antique charm, complementing a TV enclosed in a matching vintage-style frame above.

Futuristic Gloss: High-gloss Finish Surrounding Both the Electric Fireplace and TV, Offering Seamless Integration

futuristic gloss high gloss finish surrounding both the electric fireplace and tv offering seamless integration

For a sleek and modern look, consider a high-gloss finish for both the electric fireplace and TV to seamlessly blend them together in your space.

Biophilic Design: Electric Fireplace With Natural Stone and a Living Green Wall, TV Mounted Among Greenery

biophilic design electric fireplace with natural stone and a living green wall tv mounted among greenery

Imagine a setup where your electric fireplace meets natural stone and a living green wall, with your TV seamlessly mounted among the greenery for a refreshing and calming atmosphere.

Coastal Inspiration: Whitewashed Wood Fireplace Surround With Navy Accents, Nautical-themed TV Frame Above

coastal inspiration whitewashed wood fireplace surround with navy accents nautical themed tv frame above

Inject a coastal vibe into your space with a whitewashed wood fireplace and nautical-themed TV frame.

Tech Hub: Electric Fireplace With Built-in Shelving for Devices, TV Integrated Into a Smart Home Display Above

tech hub electric fireplace with built in shelving for devices tv integrated into a smart home display above

This design integrates your TV within a sleek smart home display, utilizing the electric fireplace as a centerpiece with built-in technology shelves for your devices.

Hidden Features: Electric Fireplace With a Hidden Compartment That Reveals the TV With the Touch of a Button

hidden features electric fireplace with a hidden compartment that reveals the tv with the touch of a button

Imagine seamlessly integrating your TV with your electric fireplace using a hidden compartment that unveils your screen with just a touch.