15 Egg Drop Ideas: Creative Solutions for Your Next Project

Discover unique and effective egg drop ideas that protect your egg from the perils of gravity.

Parachute With a Lightweight Fabric and String

parachute with a lightweight fabric and string

Using a parachute made of lightweight fabric and string ensures a gentle landing for the egg.

Soft Landing Pod Made From a Sponge

soft landing pod made from a sponge

The soft landing pod made from a sponge provides cushioning and impact absorption for the egg during the drop, increasing its chances of survival.

Bubble Wrap Cocoon

bubble wrap cocoon

Protect your egg by wrapping it in bubble wrap to absorb the impact upon landing.

Peanut Butter Cushion in a Ziplock Bag

peanut butter cushion in a ziplock bag

Imagine securing your egg in a ziplock bag filled with a cushion of peanut butter – a unique and tasty protective layer for your egg drop experiment.

Balloon Harness

balloon harness

The balloon harness idea involves securing the egg with multiple balloons. Giving it a fun and bouncy landing experience.

Padded Box With Shredded Paper

padded box with shredded paper

The egg is placed inside a box filled with shredded paper to cushion its fall during the egg drop experiment.

Egg Encased in Play-Doh or Clay Shell

egg encased in play doh or clay shell

Encase the egg in a protective layer of Play-Doh or clay to absorb impact during the drop test.

Marshmallow Surrounding

marshmallow surrounding

Encase the egg in a protective layer of squishy marshmallows to cushion it upon landing.

Straw Structured Cage

straw structured cage

For the idea involving a straw structured cage, the concept is to use straws strategically arranged to create a protective enclosure for the egg when dropped.

Cotton Ball Stuffed Container

cotton ball stuffed container

The cotton ball stuffed container provides a soft and cushioned landing for the egg during the drop test.

Egg Suspended Inside a Water-filled Balloon

egg suspended inside a water filled balloon

The egg inside a water-filled balloon offers a unique cushioning method for protection during the drop test. It provides a dynamic and engaging challenge for participants to experiment with different levels of water for successful results.

Floating Device With Popsicle Sticks and Rubber Bands

floating device with popsicle sticks and rubber bands

Create a floating device using popsicle sticks and rubber bands to protect the egg during the drop.

Egg in a Small, Padded Fabric Pouch

egg in a small padded fabric pouch

The egg in a small, padded fabric pouch idea ensures protection during the drop by offering a soft and cushioned landing.

Bouncy Ball Encasement

bouncy ball encasement

The bouncy ball encasement provides a fun and bouncy cushion for the egg during the drop, adding an element of unpredictability to the landing.

Cereal Padding Inside a Plastic Cup

cereal padding inside a plastic cup

Cereal padding inside a plastic cup provides a cushioned landing for the egg, absorbing impact upon impact.